Thursday, August 21, 2014


This past Tuesday our sweet AlteLu turned 1!  It's hard to believe that this little lady lover has been in our lives for a whole year.  In some ways it seems like she just got here.  I am so grateful for the time I have had with her, getting to know her, learn who she is, and support her as she grows.  She is funny, inquisitive, and strong-willed.   She has lots of opinions, ideas, wants, and desires.  She currently says, "this," "that," and "touch," and gives the most delicious kisses with a loud "mmmmmm."  We simply can't imagine our life or our family without her.  She has brought us so much joy and happiness, while keeping us on our toes.  

We also flew home from SD on Tuesday, which was a really nice way to spend her birthday because the 4 of us were together for the whole day.  We went to breakfast at The Broken Yolk, flew home, and then arrived back in our cozy house.  It felt so good to walk in the door, take a shower, and get into bed.  Hersh said, "Ima, we have the nicest house of anywhere."  On Monday night, which was our last night in SD and our last night with Sabba and Savta, we brought cupcakes down to the beach and had a little celebration for our lady.  She enjoyed her cupcake for sure.  Can't wait to see what the next year brings for our Alte Luna!


Sharing a Horchata

Plane Art
Birthday nap on the plane

Hershel Ave
Helping to unpack

Birthday Beach Celebration:

1 year old photos

In honor of AlteLu turning 1 we had some "fancy" photos taken.  Here are a few:

Monday, August 18, 2014

There's nothing like the love of a grandparent

As we finish our time here is SD we are lucky enough to have Sabba and Savta visiting with us.  Any time Sabba and Savta are around, Jacob and I take a back to as the "chosen ones" from our children.  Hersh wants to be read to, tucked in, and even nap with Savta.  AlteLu wants her Sabba to read every book to her, and she wants both Sabba and Savta to wear her in the Ergo.  Needless to day, we are all very happy being together.

We've taken Sabba and Savta to lots of different beaches, gone to the zoo (where Alte got to use her work "duck"  accurately for the first time, as opposed to calling seagulls at the beach "ducks"), eaten lots of delicious food, and have been swimming in the pool.  Last night we had a bonfire on the beach with tiki torches and s'mores, and watched the fireworks.  This is something Hersh has wanted to do all summer.  He stayed up until 11pm, loved making the s'mores, and told us all about how there is a "hairy carpet" under the beach sand.  He has also been saying, "I quit!" Savta and I couldn't figure out where he got this from, and finally today we figured out it is from a Dr. Seuss book he has been reading.

We also had a visit with Zeyde on Friday, which was a treat!  AlteLu loved his beard, and Hersh thought it was scratchy!

Next on the agenda--head home to Silver Spring, and have our little lady turn 1!


Professional picture
 Sunset in Del Mar:

Reading with Savta

Reading with Sabba

 Visiting with Zeyde:

 The Shores:

 Bonita Cove: