Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Yesterday our Brother Bear turned 5.  It is crazy that 5 years have passed since he entered our lives.  Jacob and I fully agree that our life is so much richer because we have our Hershel in it.  He is an amazing young person, and we are grateful to be his parents.
To celebrate we had a birthday party with our family and friends,  His request this year was for a bird cake.  We began the party at Nolte Park where we had relay races and gave out whistles.  Then we all trekked back to the house for pizza and cake.  The rain held out for the most part and a good time was had by all.  Can't wait to see what this year bring for our dearest boy:)

Friday, April 24, 2015

20 months and almost 5!

With each passing day our children are growing right before our very eyes!  AlteLu is 20 (!) months old now.  She loves to sing and dance, will try lots of different foods (when in the right mood--this week it was daal and roasted brussel sprouts).  She loves music class, swinging, and reading "gooks."  She recognizes circles and her most recent color of recognition is purple.  When painting she wants me to draw "fishies" for her, and if she wants a piece of something, it is called a "piecey," a drink is either "agua"  or "sip?"  Waffles with d'vash and peas on the side are a favorite, and she definitely know what a cookie is.  She also just said, "Help, please!" for the first time tonight!  AlteLu is a delicious delight,
Our boy HBB, is about to turn 5(!)--how is this possible!  Just the other day I was telling Hersh about how he would've loved Baby Hersh.  5 year old Hersh is inquisitive, caring, funny, and creative.  He is excited about his birthday, and feels very much an active member of our household.  He has a vivid imagination and plays an important role in his classroom community.  Grateful for everyday with these loves!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Enjoying the spring

Now that spring is here, we are fully engaged in the business of enjoying it.  Lots of walks, trips to the park, and even a boat ride in Annapolis with Grandma for her birthday!
We are getting ready for HBB to turn 5(!) and are grateful that the mosquitoes haven't arrived quite yet:)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

35 and in sunny FL!

This past week was Pesach, Spring Break, and my 35(!) birthday!  We hopped on a plane and headed to sunny, warm, wonderful Sunny Isles Beach, FL for a week of vacation--just the 4 of us:)  It was so wonderful.  Hersh loved the beach, AlteLu not so much, as it was too sunny and bright for her.  She really just wanted to be wrapped in her towel. We stayed in a great condo with a fabulous pool, and were surrounded by Israelis, which was both a bit annoying, and also strangely comforting.  Hersh loved the adventure of travel, the experience of trying new things, and was in a great mood the whole time.  He is funny, inquisitive, and very friendly.  At the beach and at the pool, he found kids to play with.  He is a great swimmer, and also enjoyed refining his canoeing skills.  It seems that he also had vivid dreams while in FL because each day he would tell us about them--"floating above himself, voices whispering to him"--some really crazy stuff.
AlteLu enjoyed the family togetherness, the birds, the ocean, sunglasses, ice cream, shells, and long walks in the stroller.  She also likes going for walks, and will often say, "walk, Abba?" if she wants to depart from where we are and have an appropriate stretch of her legs.  She and Hersh enjoyed holding hands, and playing games with each other.  It is amazing to see the relationship developing between them.
On the evening of my birthday Jacob and I went down to South Beach, had a great meal, and enjoyed the magic of sitting on the empty beach at night. On our last night in FL, we went out to dinner (with the kids) at Nexxt, which is our favorite restaurant from many years ago when we got engaged and had a weekend in Miami,  We kept the kids up late many nights, but they just rolled with it, sleeping in, and taking naps.  They are amazing!  Can't wait until our next visit to The Sunshine State!

Our Sherpa


In the cockpit
 Our first morning, breakfast and the beach:

 An evening in Hollywood:

 Mmmm...coconut juice...

 At the Flamingo Garden

Another night in Hollywood

So many white shorts!
 This is what 35 looks like!

1st lollipop!



Jacob loved his matzah brei and veg liver