Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A weekend of Aplebaums

This past weekend we were lucky to have a visit from the one and only Zeyde!  During his time with us there was lots of laughing, playing, reading, and quality time.  I had two mornings to spend with him and it was so nice being together.  Hershel and AlteLu loved having him here.  During dinner they both wanted to sit next to him, so they all sat together on the bench:)  Aunt Sandy came down from Brooklyn for the weekend.  We love our Aunt Sandy, and to have everyone together is so special.
We have been busy preparing for Thanksgiving, with the baking of cookies and the making of decorations.  Tonight when I was cooking dinner AlteLu told me, "I like that," with a smile and a shake of her head--that girl!  Hersh is in paper chain mode and intends to make placemats for everyone--what a mensch!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A little fun...

This past weekend we were in need of a little family fun.  After having recovered from strep throat, the 4 of us needed an outing.  We ventured to the Renwick Gallery (which is across from the White House) and enjoyed the opening of this newly renovated space.  We ventured through the 9 pieces of the Wonder Exhibit, enjoyed live music, and partook in the many art experiences.  AlteLu and Abba loved collaging, while Hersh and I wrapped animals.  We then had a delicious brunch at a french bistro, which involved lots of jam and toast;)
In AlteLu cuteness, she calls kisses "kishikas" which is a hybrid of nishika and kiss.  She also calls our giant play coins "credit coins," a hybrid of credit card and coins.  This girl is delish!  She is beginning to recognize lots of letters and remember lots of little details.  We got a great report about her at Parent Teacher Conferences.
Hersh is rockin' kindergarten, as we learned at his Parent Teacher Conference.  The other night he read Jacob, "Are You My Mother?" cover to cover.  After which, Jacob asked me, "when did Hersh learn to read?!?"  Hersh is compassionate, inquisitive, intelligent, and funny.  Love my boy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Family Weekend!

This weekend our house was full of lots of family!  Sabba and Savta came to visit, as well as the Philly Lewis/Klein crew.  Although the weekend began with strept throat for our foursome, lots of fun was had.  We raked leaves, went bowling, ate lots of delicious food, took walks, read, visited the playground, painted, and even moved some furniture around:)  Sabba and Savta also enjoyed their inaugural trip to Costco!  As a side note, we have now fully raked the yard twice (!) and it currently looks unraked because so many leaves continue to fall.
Today is the Veteran's Day Performance at JPDS.  Hersh is pretty psyched, and I can't wait to see if his white shirt stays white! AlteLu loves to paint, help cook at the counter, and wear "Baby Ella" in her "ergo." She and Hersh are the best of friends.  They do this hug/dance doodoodoodoo dance, usually when they are in their pj's.  It is the sweetest.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


A sheriff and a Razorback joined us for this Halloween.  Hersh decided on his own that he wanted to be a sheriff, and I have to say, the costume really came together.  AlteLu wore a Razorback outfit that we've had since Hersh was 2, and she was a hit!  Everywhere we went people couldn't get enough of her, and she even scored some extra candy from a guy from Mississippi who was happy to see a fellow SEC fan.  At first AlteLu didn't quite understand trick-or-treating.  She was happy with the one piece of candy in her bag.  But, after about 3 houses, she caught on, and had a great time trick-or-treating, and wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.  We also attended a parade in our new neighborhood, as well and a party and trick-or-treating  in our old neighborhood.  A good time was had by all:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Carving and 5 1/2

This past weekend we carved our pumpkins!  AlteLu chose circles for hers, and Hershel wanted a face that was "a little silly and a little scary."  I think we achieved these goals!
Today Hersh is 5 1/2 (!!!!)--how can this be?  School is going well for him.  He is learning so much Hebrew, and feels good in his newly forming friendships.  Science seems to be a favorite subject, and when he doesn't second guess himself, his reading skills improve.
AlteLu is just delightful.  Lots of abstract ideas becoming reality.  She loves school, and is the best errand partner I've ever had:)