Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another day at the beach

Another week has passed, and another week in beautiful SD has been enjoyed.  We went on walks and bike rides, went to the beach and the aquarium, took naps, tried new restaurants, and baked some delicious "bunny" muffins (banana bread muffins with carrots).  There are so many wonderful things about our time here, but probably the best part is the simplicity of our life.  We are far away from our usual day to day (which is a good day to day), which means we are far away from much of our daily stress.  This allows us time to enjoy focusing on just being the 4 of us.

As Alte cruises through her 11th month we can't help but look back at when Hersh was 11 months old.  AlteLu has a "sunny" disposition.  Her signs for "all done" and "more" are almost identical, she loves blueberries and a good mexi-bowl, and she really enjoyed the aquarium.  She and Hersh love crawling in and out of our play tent castle together, and "Pat the Bunny" is currently her favorite book.  She can make a really good lion roar, and sometimes makes a fish noise.

Hersh is a wonderful 4 year old.  He doesn't love going to the beach, but has become a great swimmer in the pool.  Dress-up is his favorite activity and he has been very into using rolls of paper as costumes.  He is helpful and kind (most of the time).  I love hanging out with him, and currently his favorite pair of shorts are blue and white striped jean shorts.  He loves a good hoody, and really likes white pizza with olives.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Heeeeyyyy, LA!

This past week we had the good fortune of spending the week up in LA with our good friends, the Werner Family.  It is always so nice to be with them.  Our children all love each other--Hersh and Levi had a true Bromance.  AlteLu was in heaven there, and I had the week to spend with Lucy--what else could I ask for!  Sadly, Jacob wasn't able to spend the week, as he had to work.  He did drop us off and come pick us up.  Today we spent the day at home--a "mishpacha day" as Hersh would say.  Walk in the canyon, swim in the pool, love all around.

In other news, AlteLu turned 11 months old!  I can't believe how quickly time is passing. Wasn't I just pregnant and giving birth?!  She is so amazing.  Truly a delicious little lover, becoming more and more communicative each day.  She is so happy and inquisitive, and sooooo cute.  Jacob and I are grateful for her.  Hershel loves her as well, and is so kind to her when they are in the back seat of the car.  He calls her "sister lover" and feeds her grapes.  They also like to crawl in and out of the tent castle that we have together.

We have one month left in SD.  No plans for travel.  Just stay home and enjoy as much as we can before heading back to MD, and check back into reality.

11 months old:

Friday, July 11, 2014

1st Music Class

Yesterday Alte and I attended her very first Songbirds Music Class.  The class is held in the same building as Hersh's camp, so right after dropping him off we scooted over to music class.  Alte Lu loved it!  She bopped up and down during the dancing, shook lots of instruments, clapped, and sang.  She also scooted all over the room, always checking back in with a glimpse over to me.  She smiled at everyone and really enjoyed the entire experience.  When I used to take Hersh to music class he would sit in my lap the entire time and just take it all in.  Alte was her little social self, scooting all over--no need to stay in Ima's lap:)

Hersh made a "Do Not Enter" sign for his room.  He said that they are just "silly letters" and everyone can still come in.  I think he made the sign because he has seen signs like these in books.  He also told me that he doesn't like broccoli, seitan, or blueberries.  This afternoon Hersh and I took a shower.  He told me all about his thoughts.  He is thinking a lot of getting old, growing up, and a little bit about dying.  He told me people die when they get old.  Then we talked about the people we know and he said that we are lucky that we have everyone we need:)  He also told me he never wants to grow up.  Grown-ups clean and organize.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I still love Seattle

This past weekend we flew up to Seattle for the July 4th weekend to visit our friends and the city that we love.  Seattle truly is the most beautiful city.  The natural beauty is everywhere.  We spent our time there visiting with wonderful friends, walking Greenlake, and relaxing at Richmond Beach (was it really relaxing?)  We also visited a few farmer's market where EVERTHING is organic, artisinal, and local--oh Seattle, are you for real?
Needless to say, I would jump at the chance to live in Seattle again.  For now, back to our brief intermission here in SD.
Hersh started swim lessons today and AlteLu's two top teeth have busted through her gums.  She is the most amazing little love I have every met.  Hersh is hilarious.  Tonight he told us he doesn't like sports and that Phish likes to get loud and funky.  Can't wait to see where these kids take us next.

Hersh and Laila

Alte and Ezra

A true Seattlite

Me and Matt
 Richmond Beach:

Dinner at home

Hersh and the mouse at camp

Swim lessons

Really enjoying dinner
First 4th of July!