Sunday, October 11, 2015

"I'm fine"

If you ask AlteLu a question, like, "do you want some broccoli?" or"should we cut your nails?" as opposed to saying. "No," she'll say, "I'm fine."  It's hilarious.  And she freely gives away "Yes, please" and "No, thank you" as her responses to other questions.  It's amazing!  AlteLu is enjoying Clifford books, especially one about Dr. Smart, who she calls Dr. Fart (Hersh thinks this is hilarious!)  The girl loves a good birthday party and her favorite song is currently "Yellow Submarine."  She is pure, delicious joy.
Hersh started soccer today with a group of kids from JPDS and he had a really good time!  The coaches were nice, and he did pretty well in the scrimmage.  He is super into Legos and his reading is coming along.  The biggest challenge is that he second guesses himself.  He is such a good person.  I took him to Walmart to look at Halloween stuff.  After much contemplation he decided that many of the costumes were too violent, and even the super hero and Lego tshirts, which I thought he would want, were in the end, too violent.  I am often impressed with him, but this experience was amazing. I did buy him a 50 cent can of ginger ale. He is also thinking about vegetarianism, and if we are reading something he will comment, "that's not a good way for them to get food" if they kill an animal.  On a less serious note, we are watching, "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," for a second year in a row, and if anyone burps or passes gas, Hersh is quick to giggle and share a reminder of "excuse me."

Monday, October 5, 2015

A visit from Sabba

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have a visit from Sabba.  Our time with him was wonderul, and we cant wait til next time!  The kids loved having him read to them, and we enjoyed contemplating life with him.  It is also Sukkot, although it just rained for a week straight(!) so I dont have much to report in the way of Sukkah enjoyment.  We did paint pumpkins and have some friends to our Sukkah.  Ahhh, Fall, dont ever leave us for winter:)

And just of note, Hershel and AlteLu are the best of friends and I love them both so much!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ding Dong Helper

Since we've moved into our new house, a new resident has joined us--the Ding Ding Helper.  For some reason, whenever we come home from being out AlteLu stands on a stool, rings the doorbell, and says,"I'm the Ding Dong Helper."  She is very proud of this role.  Occasionally, she will want for Hersh to ring the bell, and she'll say, "Hershel, are you the Ding Dong Helper?"  Also, if you ask AlteLu a question, and she needs to think about her answer, she scrunches up her face and says, "Ummmmm...." and then gives an answer.  Our little lady lover is also now front facing in her carseat!
Hersh is continuing to adjust to life as a kindergartner.  Some aspects of school are really wonderful--Hebrew, Foundations, his field trip to the farm.  At other times, Hersh feels controlled and rushed, and is thinking a lot about making friends.  We are doing our best to support him through this transition.  Whew--parenting is a lot!  His reading and writing are really coming along, and he is definitely learning Hebrew.  Grateful for this love!

We are also trying to squeeze the last bit of summer out of what definitely feels like fall.  Hersh and I have been walking on the creek trail behind our house, and last weekend we took a trip to Flag Pond to enjoy some sunny beach time.  The exploration was enjoyed by all:)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A sweet new year

We had a great Rosh HaShannah filled with food, friends, love, and Aunt Mimi!  The weather has been beautiful.  Warm but slightly crisp in the morning and evening.  We are adjusting to life in Kindergarten, and life in our new house.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

2 weeks in..and the end of 5775

We've arrived at Rosh HaShannah.  Two weeks of school are behind us, we are settling into our new house, and the weather is just starting to feel like Fall.  Hersh is enjoying Kindergarten, although the poor guy is so tired:( He is also thinking a lot about friends.  The other day he and I had a conversation about new friends verses old friends.  He is being hard on himself for not making "enough" new friends yet.  I reassured him and we talked all about friendship, time, and how amazing old friends can be.  AlteLu is happy at school, but is not happy to be left.  We are working on the transition of her staying at school after I leave.  What a little love.  AlteLu has also started to wear hairclips, which she loves.  Aunt Mimi is with us for Rosh HaShannah--what a treat!  So much to be grateful for.  Crazy to think we have another year ahead of growing, laughing, loving, (and the winter).  Here's to a great 5776!