Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pesach 2014

This week we are celebrating Pesach.  We spent the first night in Brooklyn at my Aunt Sandy's house, which is where I went for every holiday as a child.  I love going to Brooklyn, being at her house, and being with my whole family.  I am so grateful that my children are able to experience an Aplebaum/Sharrin Seder.  Hershel and AlteLu were little lovers, and everybody thought they were delicious.  For the 2nd seder we were at the Lewis/Klein abode in Philly.  Needless to say, this was an amazing time as well.  We love being with Addie and Craig, and sweet Isaac is an additional bonus to our Philly time. Hersh feels like their house is a second home.  He said "we are the hosts of the seder" and when other children arrived, he gave them a tour of the house, specifically saying, "Here are my secret stairs."  At other points he also told Jacob that it was ok if he uses "my bathroom."  This kid is a riot!

Alte seems to be saying more words.  There is a dog at the house in Philly as well as 3 little dogs at my aunt's house in Brooklyn.  On numerous occassions Alte said, "dg, dg," right to the dog.  She also said, Addie, Craig, and Isaac, in her deep, gutteral tone.  She is still super happy and smiley, but still not very keen on anyone holding her other than a few select people.

Today Hersh and I went and purchased his bike, which is his 4th birthday present from Sabba and Savta--thank so much!  He is loving it.  Also, AlteLu's birth present from Sabba and Savta arrived--an amazing mixed media piece done by a talented artisit friend.  It is so nice to know that she will have this meaningful piece of art for her entire life.  So much to be grateful for!


Visiting with Aunt Sandy
And with Peggy

Helping put out the Hagadot


Had Gadya!

His "photographer" outfit

Beautiful artwork for Alte Luna


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oh, April

April always brings a slew of birthdays for the Aplebaum Family. This week I celebrated my 34th.  Bizarre to be 34, but grateful for the awesome life that I have, as a 34 year old.  Getting older is surreal in a way, in the same way that the fact that I have 2 children is surreal as well.

AlteLu got her first tooth this week, and went from a sitting to a crawling position for the first time--we'll need to lower her crib soon.

We also got our case of mangoes at Whole Foods, which caused Hersh to sing, "My my mangoes, my my mangoes," to the tune of Dayanu--tis the Pesach season!

3 year old school picture
 My birthday:

The Exodus at school:

Young Mathematician at work

Mango Heaven

Brushing her first tooth!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring has sprung!

This week we finally had some spring time weather!  Sunshine, open windows, park trips in the late afternoon---it felt so good for all of us!  I had the pleasure of going into Hersh's classroom to make Seder Plates with his class, and then this past Shabbat the Kofim Class were the Tot Shabbat hosts.  It was a really sweet experience, and everyone was very impressed with Hersh's knowledge of the kiddush, etc.  We also took a trip to the zoo yesterday, as it was a beautiful day.  Last night Jacob and I went out in honor of my birthday.  It is always so nice to have a chance to go out without our two little ones.  We love doing things with them, but a chance to be just the two of us is always nice.  We did remark to each other how this part of our life seems long right now, but before we know it our two little lovers will be teenagers (!) and we will be wishing for these days all over again.  They are the absolute sweetest!

I've now heard AlteLu say "Ima" and "Abba," and Jacob says he's heard her say "Hersh."  Additionally, Miriam says that Alte says, "Hola" to her!  AlteLu is starting to eat more--all finger foods, no mush, no yogurt.  I really hope she decides to like yogurt at some point soon though, because if she doesn't I have no idea what she will subsist on. Hersh couldn't be sweeter.  He is grappling with rules and control, in that he likes to enforce rules upon others and be in control.  Jacob also thinks that Hersh is gaining increased number sense.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Full House

This past weekend we had full house--full of Lewis Family love.  Sabba and Savta returned, and Aunt Addie, Uncle Craig, and Mr. Isaac came as well (we really missed Aunt Mimi).  It was a weekend full of babies, food, love, and laughter.  We went on a rainy walk to the Farmer's Market, an outing to the Thrift Store, and Saturday night Sabba and Savta babysat all three little ones.  Jacob and I went to drinks, dinner, and a movie!  By far the most real date we have been on in 7 months.  Sadly, everyone departed today.  We miss our loved ones, but are enjoying getting back into the rhythm of being the four of us.

Miss AlteLu is quite the lady lover.  She DOES NOT want me to walk away.  If I do, she screams and then as soon as I pick her up, she smiles, as if saying, "See, I'm with my Ima now."  She has been enjoying "experiencing" food more regularly and it seems that she says "Ima" in the middle of the night when Jacob brings her to nurse.

Hershel is also quite the character.  As he get closer to 4, he becomes more and more of an authority--"knowing" all sorts of things.  He is also so sweet, today he said, "Ima, you are so beautiful, I love you." And before lishon he had to call Sabba and Savta to tell them that he loves them and misses them.

Icing the cake

Shabbat Shalom!

2 babies in the tub :)

Rainy Walk