Monday, January 19, 2015

Snow tubing!

Being that it is winter, and we have been spending entirely too much time inside, we decided to embrace both the season and the 3 day weekend, and go snow tubing!  We drove to Whitetail, and snow tubed our little hearts out on the kiddie hill.  Next time we should try the big hill, and Hersh and Jacob want to ski!
In other news, AlteLu is a champ at using a cup, and Hersh seems to feel invincible when in all of his snow gear.  He slides all around and loves to play on frozen lakes.  And our dear, sweet AlteLu turned 17 months old today:)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back to it

Here we are, back in MD, and in the thick of winter.  We did have our first snow day, which was nice, but ugh, winter.  I really do not like it.  Hersh and I had a nice walk in the snow, but AlteLu was not interested in putting on snow pants, snow boots, etc.  Although, a few days later when the sun was shining both kiddos enjoyed a romp through the snowy backyard.
AlteLu has started saying, "Nooooo," even when she means,"Yes," and it is really cute.  Her communication skills are incredible.  She understands everything and can say quite a lot.  She has started to say "thank you" and "I don't know," and when she says "I don't know" she puts her hands out to the side and cocks her head.  AlteLu also has a mean, "huh?" for when she is wondering.  She has been really into dipping when eating and is love with her gato and stroller,  We had her first music class this past week and she seemed to enjoy that as well.  What a lover.
Yesterday morning we went to the Natl History Museum and Hersh was a great tour guide:)  He showed us around and told us all about kelp, skulls, and lots of other museum items.  This morning he made the veggie sausage patties that we have for breakfast all by himself.  What a little mensch.
Impressionst Art

Shabbat Train:)


 Havdallah with SiegelBaums:

Monday, January 5, 2015

A week in Westchester

After returning from Little Rock, we did a quick turn around, repacked our bags and headed up to Westchester for the week.  We met the rest of the Lewis Family there, where we all stayed in a lovely house right on the Sound.  We enjoyed a family wedding, which happened to be Hersh's first wedding that he stayed awake for (all the way til midnight!)  He enjoyed a cocktail (Shirley Temple), showed off his dancing moves, and ate lots and lots of cake--a true success.  We enjoyed a very festive NYE, watched lots of football with Sabba, and also ventured into the City.  Hersh and Jacob took the train and subway, saw Times Square, ate a Hot and Crusty, and visited the Met.  At the Met Hersh enjoyed the armor, the Egyptian tomb, and requested to see paintings that he has learned about in his art history class (landscapes, seascapes, still life).  On the way out of the city we had some pizza, and Hersh learned that pizza in NYC is the best pizza in the world!
Hersh also shared, "Ima, you know what, travelling is like art."  To which I replied, "Tell me more."  I was anticipating a very deep thought,  Hersh then stated, "Well, travelling and art are both fun."  A truer statement has never been said:)
AlteLu also enjoyed her vacation.  She loved playing with her cousin Isaac (and Isaac loved cuddling with Hersh).  AlteLu was psyched to have Sabba and MeMe (Aunt Mimi) around.  She enjoyed all of the lights, and ate a lot of delicious bread.  She has also started to say, "No" even when we know she means yes.  She received a Gato from Aunt Mimi and a toy stroller from Aunt Addie, both of which she loves!
These two weeks together have been wonderful.  I can't wait until our next period of uninterrupted time with my two little loves.  Last night at bedtime Hersh told me that his favorite part of winter break was "being with you, Abba, and AlteLu," and travelling.  I think that AlteLu would agree with her big brother.