Monday, August 24, 2015

2 in the OBX!

Wow!  So much has happened over this past week.  We had an amazing Lewis Family Vacation in the OBX.  It was filled with family, beach, love, swimming, bike riding, yoga, eating, laughing, and just enjoying being together.  I truly love the OBX!  Additionally, our little lady lover turned 2(!) while we were away.  She is amazing and wonderful, hilarious and spunky, loving and oh so talkative.  That AlteLu, she is sooo chatty!  Recently there has been lots of "nooo's", and "I need it" which means, "I don't need it," so we are working on more positive messaging.  We had a very fun birthday party for our lady, in which we made shell memory jars, ate a beach themed cake, and enjoyed pizza.  We sang, danced, blew bubbles, and went ghost crabbing.  The kids loved beign with their cousins, and I think we all wished the week wouldnt end.

Tomorrow we move into our new house, and next week Hersh starts Kindegarten!  How is this all happening?!?!  Fortunately, we have Savta with us this week.  We need her with us when big life things occur:)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The end of being 1

Tomorrow our little lady lover will be 2.  Hard to believe that so much time has passed, yet it feels like the blink of an eye!  AlteLu loves telling us that things are "so yummy" which sounds like "tsunami."  She is a lover of life!  We are currentlyin the OBX on Lewis Family vacation, and this is where we will have AlteLu's birthday celebration.  She is enjoying the beach, shells, the pool, and her purple puddle jumper floatie, which allows her to swim freely.

Hersh is swimming in the ocean, riding on boogie boards, and enjoying the beach life.  What a gift to be all together.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


This past week we headed up, up, up the East Coast, spending a few days in good old NJ, and the rest of the week in VT.  In both places we were surrounded by beautiful people, and the beauty of nature. From the beach to the mountains, lakes, pizza, and french fries, a great time was had by all.
Our first stop in NJ lent itself to time with friends (Krutzel/Bieder), a trip to the beach and boardwalk, and some delicious food.  We then picked up Jacob from the train station and headed up to VT with the Ambalus.  VT is so beautiful and peaceful.  We hiked, picked blueberries, swam in quarries, ponds, and lakes, did the Alpine Slide atop Bromley, and got the top of Mt. Equinox!  Everywhere you look in VT there are beautiful blue skies with fluffy clouds, and giant green mountains.
Hersh and AlteLu had a great time with the other kids, and they loved VT!  Hiking and blueberry picking were both hits, and adventuring in general is up their ally.  AlteLu has taken to saying that things are, "cuuuuute," and she has definitely caught on to that her birthday is just around the corner!  We cant believe our little lady will be 2!  Hersh is getting better at reading, and is a Lego wiz.  He is smart, good natured, and silly.  Kindergarten is definitely on the brain!