Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is always a favorite in our house.  Maybe it's because the weather is  wonderful, the pools are open, or because Jacob and I got married over Memorial Day Weekend 11(!) years ago.  Regardless the reason, we had a wonderful weekend.  Shavuot Shabbat dinner with friends.  Wiz of Oz play at Glen Echo that AlteLu and I walked out of during the tornado.  Delicious vegetarian Chinese food, bbq's, friends, bike riding, swimming, and a visit from Aunt Mimi and Daniel--whew!  It was a busy wonderful weekend.
Now we are preparing for Hersh's siyum at Ohr Kodesh.  It is hard to believe that this is happening.  That our little boy, who it seems just started preschool, is now done.  He is sad, and having a hard time with the idea that he will not be returning to the Dvorim class.  He is worried about not seeing his friends anymore, specifically Frida, who seems to be Hersh's first "best friend." Ahh, transitions, scary and hard for all involved, yet exciting and a necessary part of life.  We just need to remember that HBB needs some extra love through this next bit.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

21 months!

To start our week, we were fortunate enough to have Sabba and Savta come by for a quick visit.  We were all so happy to be together, and our two little ones were beside themselves with joy to have their two favorite people in town for the afternoon.

Then, our lady lover, AlteLu turned 21 months old!  She is delicious, delightful, and an independent spirit.  She wants to do things by herself, and has recently come to enjoy asking for her diaper and pants to be taken off, and then sitting on the ground, putting in great effort to put her pants back on.  When in the mood she is a ferocious eater, and is psyche to have her very own Camelback water bottle.  She enjoys brushing Hershel's hair, and making sure that everyone knows that she has a fan "My fan!" and that Hersh has a fan, "Hersh's fan!" Alte loves jumping in the pool and taking off her own pool shoes.  She loves when I sing to her at night, and we could not imagine loving a little girl any more then we love our AlteLu.
Hersh and I were busy going on field trips this week.  First we went to the National Gallery of Art with the OKECC 4 year old classes.  It was wonderful.  Then we headed to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary which was also amazing--I loved the pigs and Hersh, the lambchin.  Jacob and I went to Hersh's kindergarten orientation and now need to figure out our carpool situation.  Hersh is taking swim lessons, and preparing for his siyyum at school.  He is our best boy:)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Beach Day!

This past weekend we loaded up the car bright and early Saturday morning and drove to the beach for the day.  It was a beautiful day--slightly overcast, warm but not too hot, and just a day filled with our little mishpacha.  We went to Cape Henlopen State Park in DE, where we started our adventures with a 3.5 mile bike loop!  This is a big deal for us--Jacob and I both biked successfully and the kids enjoyed being hauled (for the most part).  AlteLu kept asking if we were all having "fun?"  Thent we headed to the beach where we played for hours, had a picnic, took a walk, and flew a kite.  Our day ended with dinner and skee ball.  Hersh reminded us that he, "Really likes it here, and on days like today."  We also saw a dolphin!  The only low point was the Bay Bridge being closed on the way back, so we had to drive to DE to get home---Dr. Lewis was not too pleased!
Then Sunday was Mother's Day and we had a lovely family day:) AlteLu also seems to have learned the word "mine" so we are working on "yours, our, and share."  One of the cutest/funnies things AlteLu does is put things on her finger and say, "Heeelloo?" in an Elmer Fudd sort of way.  She will also tell us "one second" while holding up one finger walk away.


 Cape Henlopen:

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Curly hair has been a hot topic in our house lately.  Because of the warm weather AlteLu's hair is curling like never before.  It is beautiful and sweet, and when I look at her I often think that this is what I must've looked liked as a child.  Hersh also has sweet curls, and today for the very first time, on the way to his 5 year old doctor's appointment, he told me he wishes he had straight hair.  This broke my heart a little bit.  He told me it is because of a book we read of Ernest Shackleton, and that Shackleton (who was an amazingly cool Antarctic explorer) had straight hair.  I tried to validate his feelings by letting him know everyone with curly hair occasionally wishes for straight hair, and vice versa.  He also started swim lessons today for the season, and we had his check-up--47lbs and 45 inches (88% for both)--he is perfect:)  He also realized that "Hershel" is his nickname, and we have discovered that he can secretly read lots of words when he wants to.  At dinner the other night he didn't want to try something new, and proceeded to tell us, "that everyone has different taste buds!"  Hershel's taste bud's loved the Slurpee he tried today:)
AlteLu is a chatterbox and has begun to put words together.  "Up please!" or "gato book!" are common requests.  She has also been asking to go to the beach (amen!)  She wants to go on  boatride and has started to call Miriam "Miri"--little lover!