Friday, February 5, 2016

Gan Rimonim Visits

This week we had the chance to be welcomed into Hersh's classroom twice.  First, we attended the Bayit Patuach, where his class presented some of the work they have been engaged in over the course of the school year.  From creating a new school library, learning about literary critique and the benefits of having numerous drafts of work, and Hebrew language explosion, Hersh has learned a lot.  Then, it was Hersh's chance to be the Student Spotlight.  We shared the tradition of how he likes to decorate for holidays, and his interest in paper airplane making.  The two of these combined have lead to origami animals.  All of the children in his class make origami penguins.  Then, we (mostly Hersh) read "Spoon" to the class.  Also, each child in the class writes a message to the Student Spotlight.  The kind words about Hersh from his peers are so sweet and he loved reading them:)  Hersh also had basketball practice this week.  He has picked up lots of skills and even made 7 (!) baskets today, which gave him great pride.
AlteLu had a playdate this morning with two friends from school.  It is amazing to watch her blossom socially.  Now, when friends come to our house she engages with the other children in deep imaginative play, like going ice skating.  She has also started to use the word "actually" (which is amazing) and loves "making Shabbat dinner"in her playnook.  She has a little stuffed cat that has a lollipop, that she affectionately calls her Lollipop Sister, and she often reminds us that her stuffed crib friends are her brothers and sisters.  AlteLu loves to stand at the counter and help me cook.  She also is an expert doctor, and will often ask to "check you out."

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blizzard 2016

We're just about to begin snow day #4. Over the weekend about 30 inches of snow fell here in the DC area, and to be honest, we've been having a great time!  Play dough, origami, cooking, yoga, outdoor adventures, watching Robin Hood, and legoing have filled our time.  Hersh has really enjoyed the days, and hasn't been too restless.  He is now at age where he makes great choices and can occupy himself.  He is very competent and willing to help.  AlteLu has been enjoying making "hanukah soup" and telling us that Hoppy is her little sister.  With each trip out in the snow her
"snow legs" are getting stronger, and she is realizing how fun it is to play in the snow.  Hersh and I have been doing origami in preparation for his student spotlight.  They say tomorrow will be another snow day....hopefully Abba will stay home again!  He is the best Abba and a very good shoveler!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


It's chilly now. So cold that hats, gloves, socks, and jackets are all necessary, and even we dont want to play outside:(  This weekend Aunt Mimi and DanDan visited from Philly which was a treat.  Hersh and Daniel spent some time creating an amazing recording of Yesterday, and AlteLu tried convincing Aunt Mimi that our house could become Mimi's permanent home as well.
We've been enjoying UNO after bath and winter activities, such as baking and painting.  Summer plans are beginning to take form, as are school plans for next year.
Hersh can read now, which is incredible, and AlteLu is a fabulous storyteller.