Monday, September 8, 2014

Savoring each moment

Lately life has been so busy.  Busy with work, errands, appointments, school, and just normal life.  At the same time the weather lends itself to lots of walks, and we are surrounded by the two most delicious children.  AlteLu is developing everyday.  She has started to sign more, and say more words.  Just yesterday she said,"ssss" and the exact moment that we were about to say "silly."  She seems to be saying "Abba" and definitely says "Hersh."  No "Ima" yet.  She loves to ride around in the car in the yard, and loves to dance and shake to music and the "Shake it, shake it shake it" song.

Hersh seems to be settling more into school and learned about cave drawings today in his enrichment.  He and Jacob have been reading chapter books together at night, having finished "Stuart Little," "Alice in Wonderland," and now are reading "The Magic Treehouse."  He really is a delight.

Monday, September 1, 2014

1st birthday party!

Yesterday we had our dear, sweet, AlteLu's first birthday party. It was attended by friends and family who are very dear to us.  Held in our yard, it was a bout 90 degrees and super humid.  Although, I think it was hotter last year on the morning of her naming.  With a late August birthday, I imagine most years are going to be warm for her birthday celebration.
We had baby pools, bubbles, the sandbox, and delicious food.  The Philadelphia Lewis/Klein clan joined us, and we couldn't be happier to be back together.  Yesterday was a good reminder that although we would prefer to live on the West Coast, living here provides us and our children the opportunity to be close to those who love them most  (we did miss Sabba and Savta though--thankfully they were Facetimed in for the cake).
Alte had a great time.  She seemed to enjoy all the action--the pool, the cupcake, the people.  Hersh was a very hospitable big brother, who took great pride in giving each family a snail jar as they departed.  It was a great day, in honor of our lady, Alte Luna.

The birthday girl:

The cake

Hersh's Lego people

Checking out the pools pre-party:

Party Action:

The cake:

After cake happiness:)