Monday, July 6, 2015

A very Lakeside July 4th

To finish up our time in Little Rock we celebrated the 4th of July at Lakeside.  There were all sorts of games and activities, and both Hersh and AlteLu had a great time.  Unfortunately, we did not have a turtle for the turtle race, but the next day we had the good luck of finding 2 turtles!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer in the South

What an amazing week and a half we have had here in Arkansas.  With 7316 as our home base, our Little Rock stay has been amazing.  Surrounded by the love of Sabba, Savta, and Bamombelle, and with each day filled with summer in the south, we never want to leave!
Last weekend we spent a night out at Lake Katherine with Jacob's childhood friends.  We all enjoyed swimming in the lake, but Hersh really wins the award for most enthusiastic lake swimmer.  He is fearless!  Going down the slide into the lake, jumping off the barge, and demanding that the boat pull him faster with each turn on the innertube.  We then enjoyed an evening at the ballpark--go Travelers! Hersh ran across the field and everyone enjoyed the festivities.  We got our teeth cleaned by Sabba, although AlteLu was not open to this idea.  Then Jacob and Hersh went fishing out at Lakeside with Aunt LeAnn and Uncle Russ.  A visit to the Clinton Library was made, and Jacob and I headed to Bentonville and Crystal Bridges for our first night away from the kids!  We knew they couldn't have been left in better hands.  Fantasia was watched, legos built, and Gato dressed in Aunt Mimi's orphan clothes.  We will finish the trip with a Lakeside 4th of July!  Grateful for this time and can't wait until our next time here in The Rock.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

22 months

It's fast approaching--our sweet AlteLu will be 2 before we know it!  For now we are enjoying her amazing 22monthness.  She currently puts the word "big" in front of lots of what she says.  Except when she says it, she puts an "a" on the end, and winds up sounding Italian.  For example, "big-a truck, big-a bowl, big-a puppy."  It is hilarious and so deliciously cute!  Her language skills are amazing.  In the area of colors she still has some work to do:)--she walked up to me yesterday, pointed to my dress, and said, "Ima, red dress."  The dress was blue.  We then showed her Jacob's shirt, which was also blue, and she said, "Yellow shirt."  We found this to be very funny!
We have a family of bunnies living in our backyard that we have been immensely enjoying watching.
Hersh just finished a week of Audubon camp, which received a review of "boring" on Monday, and then on Friday he liked it.  I think we have learned that with Hersh, he initially does not love new experiences, but after a few days warms to what he is doing.  Hersh is also starting to read on his own, which is incredible.  It's slow and steady, but we are proud of him, and love him so much!
Last weekend one of my very best friends, Katie B. came to town for a visit with her boyfriend Chris.  A great time was had by all.  Alte thinks that Kate's name is "cake" which is just fine, because she really loves cake:)  Yesterday we ventured to Flag Pond for a beach day with our friends the Siegelbaum family.  Everyone had a lovely time in the sand and waves.  I love summer!