Tuesday, March 24, 2015

19 months! (and a few days later)

Last week our sweet AlteLu turned 19 months old--time is going so quickly!  She is joyful and silly, with lots of opinions and ideas.  Recently she has taken to pretending to sleep on the floor wherever she is.  She also got her first set of "keys" the other day and loves to carry them around in her pocket "locking and unlocking" whatever she can.
Hersh currently has "classic poison ivy" on his face, but seems unphased.  In school he told the teachers that, "when G-d talks it sounds like the ocean waves." I love this kid!
We made out first trip of the season to the zoo which was great fun--lots of gatos!

For some reason we only took pictures while we were eating at the zoo. We actually did lots of walking and saw many animals.

Hersh's "Jackson Pollack"

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

1st time away

Last week I headed to NYC for an amazing work conference. This is the first time I've left sweet AlteLu, and just the second time I've left Hershel for an extended period.  Fortunately, Savta came from Little Rock to provide the extra love and support needed due to my absence.  I am happy to report that all went smoothly and NYC is still amazing.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Purim fun!

This past week was a mixture of Purim and snow. On any given day you could've found us either dressing up for Purim or with a cancelled work/school day due to snow.  For the Purim carnival Hersh was Stuart Little and AlteLu an aerobics instructor.  Then for Megillah reading Hersh was a skunk (Alte just went as herself).  On the snow days we did some salad spinner spin art, baked challah, visited with friends, and just passed the time as family.
In school Hersh is working on a "faces and camouflage" project which ties in with his classes exploration of the Creek.  We are also starting to think about Hersh's birthday party, which he took great pride in making  list for.
AlteLu is getting more teeth, saying lots of words, and expressing her many opinions.  When she has something or wants something, she is not very swayable, and is not always willing to receive help.  At the same time, she is so loving and delicious.  She has just started to "cook" in the kitchen, and will gesture with her hand if she wants you to "come here."  At night before bed, AlteLu and Hersh have a ritual where he comes into her room and pretends to be a puppy-it is so sweet:)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

18 months!

Our dear, sweet, AlteLu is 18 months old!  It happened last week in the midst of snow days, and today I took her to see Dr. Erica Rupar for her check-up.  She is 26lbs, 31 inches, and just perfect.  In typical 18 month old fashion she started crying as soon as we pulled into the parking lot (poor little lady).  Her vocabulary is expanding everyday.  She has more words than can be counted (in Hebrew, English, and Spanish).  AlteLu just discovered elbows, will often say "one second," and will motion with her hand for you to come closer.  She loves to smell the coffee in the morning, and wants to Hersh to pretend to be a puppy when saying good night to her.  She loves broccoli, bananas, and popcorn, reading, painting, dancing, and sitting (shev) on any little spot she can find.
Her big brother Hersh is amazing as well.  He is really enjoying the music from "Mary Poppins"and now has the ability to draw and create in a more proficient way.  Hersh has started to read "Bob" books, and has lots of information to share  He is kind to his sister, and enthusiastic about what he is learning at school.  Jacob and I both are so grateful for our two little loves.
Matisse inspired

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day and Hamantaschen

Today was a snow day, and to be honest, we love snow days.  A gift of a day at home together.  We always spend time in the sunny snow, and have plenty to do to keep us busy inside.  We baked Hamantaschen, did lots of playing, reading, and dancing, and are just enjoying the day.  Both Hersh and AlteLu are expert Hamantaschen bakers.
I do wish that we lived somewhere warm, sunny, and beautiful, but for today, I will focus my energy on gratitude for a family day at home:)