Monday, December 15, 2014

Almost ready...

Tomorrow night Hanukah begins, and we are ready!  The kids have made their Hanukiot, and AlteLu has been very busy practicing putting candles in hers.  Hersh knows lots of songs, and has been interested in the idea that everyone has their own religion and traditions.  We talked about how individual families each do something special for their holiday, but that one of the nicest parts about tradition and friendship, is sharing both of those things with other people who you love.  We also had a whole conversation about gifts.  Hersh knows that this is a time of year for gift giving and receiving.  He really wants Firetruck Legos.  He has been asking for these for months, and deserves them--he is a wonderful brother, son, friend, and citizen.  We had a great chat about gifts, being grateful, and why we think he deserves this gift.  Love these two!

Last week I kept Hersh home from school one day, and took the kids to the College Park Aviation Museum, which Hersh has been asking to revisit, and AlteLu has never been too!  We had a great time stamping, dressing up, and checking out the planes!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1 nap

It's official, AlteLu has transitioned to one nap.  She is happy throughout the morning, and upon picking Hersh up from school, we come home and she is out, by 2 o'clock.  This makes for short late afternoons/evening, but she is happy and well rested.  AlteLu has also started to say "Amen" after we say a bracha before eating.  When she is done eating she very clearly says "off" which means it is time to clean her off.
This past weekend I took the kids to see a puppet show at Glen Echo.  Hersh had been many times before, and he loved it.  This was AlteLu's first theatrical experience, and she was enthralled.  She sat on my lap, and occasionally shouted something out to the puppets on stage.  She danced during parts of the show, and always stood and clapped at the appropriate times.  At two different times during the show, she stood up to give Hershel a hug--so sweet.
Jacob has been a bit under the weather, so things at home have been mellow.  Hanukah is almost upon us, with winter break just around the corner.  I think I am looking forward to winter break, because we will have so much time to be together:)

Photo and people placement by HYL

 Hanukiah Painting:


Getting ready to head outside

Paper airplane engineers

Mmmm...labneh from Sabba

Line leader!

5 cousins

Selfie w my boy

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Ahhhh...another year, another wonderful Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, following Hersh's "feast" at school we got in the car and drove north to Philadelphia.  The weather was snowy/rainy, so the drive took 4 hours.  All things considered it wasnt that bad.  The worst part was the flat tire we got when we parked at the house (that of The Walkmen) where we stayed--thankful for AAA!
The rest of the weekend involved everyone we love the most, lots of delicious food, family, friends, fun, and laughter.  AlteLu loved having everyone around and called most by names--Sabba, Sasa (Savta), IIsaaaccc, Momo (Mimi), Aadah(Addie).  She is still working on Craig:)  She has also started to say "Ahh, yes" when she wants to answer yes to a question:)  Hersh was in Lego heaven and told us that he is thankful for the world and trees.  He also shared that he the most annoying part of his day was having to take pictures with the photographer, and he hopes that he doesn't have to do that again for 100 years!  We had a great time at Isaac's first birthday party and are so grateful for the love between these 3 kiddos.  So much to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

15 months

Yesterday, our dear sweet AlteLu turned 15 months old.  She is getting lots of molars and is definitely in the midst of  some sort of developmental shift.  She has strong emotions and has been screaming a lot.  We are hoping that this will pass.  At the same time, she is communicative, lovable, delicious, inquisitive, smart, and silly.  New words and ways of communicating pop up all of the time.  She weighed in yesterday at 23lbs, but did not enjoy the dr.'s appointment.  Jacob and I were trying to remember when Hersh went through this phase.

Hersh is kind of like a teenager. He has lots of emotions and ideas, is very capable, and incredibly sweet.   He is full of creativity, and has really taken to drawing, and he LOVES tape:)


Family Portrait